RINTEK is a unique and the only manufacture of orthopedic footwear in Russia!

The company has all the opportunities to implement exceptional design and innovativedevelopments in modeling and production of orthopedic shoes, to be export-oriented, to adopt itsown production technologies, which allow manufacturing the footwear suitable for russian climate.

Company in figures:

200 000

Yearly output of orthopedic shoes – over 200 000 pairs

15 orthopedic footwear salons all over Russia

Over 300 work places

Manufacture using 96-98% of local materials

Products cost is 30-35% lower than abroad
TOP 100

Rintek company takes part in an exceptional campaign called "100 projects under the patronage ofthe President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry"

Three production lines:

Production of simple orthopedic footwear

for children and adults using an unified footbed, basedon company's own technology


manufacture of individual orthopedic shoes

provision of physically challenged people with orthopedic footwear

under government contracts

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Unique advantages

Company's own modern full-cycle manufacture that ensures high-quality products compliant withRussian and international standards as well as unlimited opportunities for expansion and qualityimprovement of orthopedic footwear range

Wide range and up-to-date design of orthopedic footwear for women, men, and children, extendedsize range, shoes suitable for Russian climate

All the orthopedic footwear models are developed based on orthopedists' recommendations andbuyers' needs

All products are subject to clinical trials, certified, and meet requirements and standards fororthopedic shoes what ensures rehabilitation and health-promoting effect

We produce all types of orthopedic footwear: corrective shoes based on unified footbeds, simpleand complex custom-made shoes

Warranty and post-warranty service

Company history

A small enterprise has grown into a successful family business, the CEO of which is Oleg Fomin.Irina Fomina is the founder of the company and the thought leader of the family business. Ourfamily business was founded in 2007.

The project concept has arisen due to health issues of Irina's father who suffered from diabetes andneeded special shoes. The problem was solved only in Germany. It is back then when it was decidedto bring the latest innovations and modern orthopedic footwear production to Russia. The firstexclusive contract was signed with a German company called Schein, the leading globalmanufacturer of orthopedic shoes.

After training and practice at the leading orthopedic footwear enterprises in Germany, Spain, andthe Czech Republic, after consulations with the leading orthopedists of Russia and Germany, theproduction of orthopedic shoes was launched under the "ORTEK" trade mark.

Nowadays, theORTEK brand is known not only in Russia but also abroad. The second trade mark - RINTEK - wasregistered later. Orthopedic footwear production volume has increased.

A new production line - manufacture of complex custom-made orthopedic shoes - has been started.RINTEK company participates in competitions since March 2015 aimed to provide disabled peoplewith complex orthopedic footwear under government contracts.

Collaboration with international companies, participation in expositions and internationalconferences have allowed gaining experience and relevant knowledge, which we successfully applyin the manufacture.

The long-term goal of RINTEK is to become a leader in an orthopedic market:

by quality and performance characteristics of orthopedic shoes;
by the production of footwear for the healthcare of our population: patients suffering from platypodia, overpronation, diabetes;
by brands popularity and design relevance;
by the production of shoes for social adaptation of disabled people, people with prostheses,with amputation foot stumps, patients suffering from ICP and other congenital diseases.
by opportunity to provide physically challenged people with comfortable, functional, up-to-date orthopedic footwear suitable for the climate of our country

The social relevance of the project

RINTEK company based in the city of Oryol represents a socially relevant project of orthopedic footwear manufacture that has been launched in April 2017 supported by Oryol oblastadministration, Department of economical development of the Oryol oblast, and Oryol Chamber ofCommerce and Industry.

Aims of Russian orthopedic footwear manufacture "Rintek" are


Import substitution

All the orthopedic shoes were imported from Europe and China. We have managed to create high-quality products here in Russia at a fair price.

Экспортная ориентация

Export orientation

Our goal is to be competitive and produce footwear demanded abroad.

Создание новых рабочих мест

Provision of new work places, training, and instruction of specialists.

Currently, Russia has no specialists in this sphere. We facilitate the development of a new moderntechnological culture of the footwear industry in Russia.