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The RINTEK company uses modern technologies and the newest full-cycle CNC processequipment supplied by the global leaders of the market.

The production includes three lines:

production of simple orthopedic footwear

for children and adults using a unified footbed, basedon company's own technology


manufacture of individual orthopedic shoes

provision of physically challenged people with orthopedic footwear

under government contracts

The uniqueness of the project can be attributed to the fact that the project was started from scratchand absolutely new process solutions were introduced into the manufacture. Up-to-date high-techequipment made in Italy ensures a high quality of orthopedic shoes and allows producing anyfootwear (from sneakers and slippers to Comfort class shoes).

Also, we use 96-98% of domesticmaterials in the manufacture. The labour is automated to the extent of 70%. As opposed to this,manual work amounts to 70-80% in a conventional manufacture. Using the equipment, we havemanaged to mechanize manual operations, improve the quality, and increase the output volume.


The orthopedic footwear production by RINTEK is represented by a non-standard conveyor linedivided into four main production sites:

Конструирование и моделирование 1

Constructing and modeling using a special program ASKO. The design is maximally similarto usual (casual) shoes.

Раскройно-заготовочный участок 2

Cutting and prefabrication site.

Стелечный участок 3

Insole fabrication site.

Сборочный участок 4

Assembly site: moulding, lasting, and sole gluing.


Производимая конструкция

We produce orthopedic shoes. Our footwear goal is to maintain the main shock-dampening functionof the foot, ensure a stress relief, obtain a necessary correction or support as well as abiomechanical effect for the walking correction.

Each second child in our country is diagnosed with platypodia, almost every adult has foot-relatedhealth issues, 30% of disabled people need complex or simple orthopedic shoes due to certainmedical reasons.

It is difficult to describe the entire diversity of prescriptions and pathologies; however, our mainfocus is the platypodia, overpronation, and footwear production for people suffering from diabetes.

Here are the differences between orthopedic and usual shoes

профилактическая функция

Orthopedic footwear serves as a preventive measure.

Corrective shoes are made using astandard footbed, ensuring a correct foot position.

The footbed structure is such that loads on thespine, muscles, and joints are distributed as evenly as possible what allows minimizing the risk ofdifferent pathologies such as platypodia, which not only children but also adults are exposed to.

лечебно-восстановительная функция

Orthopedic shoes ensure medicative and restorative function.

Such shoes are required incases of pathological deformities of the foot, shank, and even the hip, serving for deficiencycorrection in all the cases.

Based on the structure, shoes may have an impact different in intensity:from light to maximum correction.

опорно-двигательный аппарат

Medicative footwear models help people with a muscle-skeleton disorder

move without physical assistance and ensure the convenience.


Exceptional benefits of the RINTEK orthopedic footwear are as follows

Clinical trials and certifications held by various medical institutions allow us to fulfil all therehabilitation requirements of the specialists and orthopedists.

Design of our models is maximally similar to usual shoes. When working on a new footwear line,we take into account climatic, national, and orthopedic features.

Unified footbeds different in width, adapted for a certain correction or stress relief meet therequirements of a wide range of consumers - from healthy to physically challenged people.

Choosing RINTEK footwear, you choose the health: attractive walk and upright posture.